Genius” on National Geographic has earned raves from critics and the first season's finale, which closed the chapter on Albert Einstein's life (Geoffrey Rush/Johnny Flynn) aired on Tuesday, June 20. The cable channel was supposed to reveal its new subject for the second season on that night, but National Geographic will instead make a separate announcement on June 21.

According to Deadline, National Geographic executives, as well as "Genius" producers Ron Howard and Ken Biller, will hold a press conference regarding the second season. The decision to push the reveal of another iconic figure hailed in humanity's history was made so as not to steal the first season's thunder.

"Genius" season 1 was based off a book written by Walter Isaacson called "Einstein: His Life and Universe." Apart from telling the story of Albert Einstein's rise as one of science's most important personalities, the show also delved on his flaws in his relationships with wives Mileva Maric (Samantha Colley) and Elsa Einstein (Emily Watson), as well as his sons.

Third season script greenlit

As the upcoming second season is already certain, National Geographic has also given a green light for the third season's script, according to Variety. But details for this are also being kept under wraps and no confirmed air dates have been announced as well.

Ron Howard and Ken Biller are still behind the production of "Genius" season 2 and 3 along with Fox 21 Television Studios.

Like season 1, which aired in 10 parts, the succeeding seasons are expected to also have the same number of episodes.

Great writing, excellent series

The first season bounced back and forth through different chapters of Albert Einstein's life. But the second through at least the sixth episodes underscored his marriage and infidelity.

It showed that behind the great man hailed in history is a father and husband who struggled giving people who mattered some value. Aside from the show’s writing, critics also commended Johnny Flynn for his portrayal of a young Albert Einstein, who was a cocky college student and a reckless romantic.

The last three episodes of “Genius” season 1, with Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush finally taking over the role, focused on how he moved to America and how Russian spies targeted him.

It also showed the beginnings of World War II where some of the deadliest weapons were developed by Albert Einstein’s colleagues in science. Take a look at the video below for a preview of for the series.