Nowadays, there's an abundance of superhero films, and with good reason. The demand is perpetually present, as proven by the box office numbers. However, there's also the challenge for filmmakers and writers to come up with something new, as not all superhero films bring in the ROI. Take for example the "Fantastic Four" reboot, which was met with criticism, finger-pointing, and a production meltdown that resulted in simply, a bad film that no one wanted to see.

On the other hand, there are films like "Wonder Woman," which is already bringing in the cash this weekend, and last month, Marvel-side, "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

2," which also earned millions and a 'three-quel' to boot. Directors and writers admit that it isn't easy to come up with something new to show viewers and moviegoers. In fact, Marvel has been accused of reusing the main "Iron Man" plot for "Ant-Man" and "Doctor Strange." And yet, those films earned enough to garner a sequel.

One film that's struggling to make it to the big screen is "Gambit," which early on was set to star channing tatum. But the film met with various struggles and to this day does not have a director yet. The latest director attached to the film, Doug Liman, explained why there was a difficulty in creating the film.

Doug Liman explains why he left 'Gambit'

In a recent interview with IGN, Doug Liman explained why he had to drop the "Justice League Dark" project, which he claimed was due to scheduling conflicts.

Directors can be as busy as actors, with multiple projects demanding their attention.

He explained that for now, he's workong on "Chaos Walking," and that he's looking forward to collaborating with Tom Cruise for the sequel to "Edge of Tomorrow." But as for "Gambit," which he departed in August, he explained that there currently is "a crowded field of superhero films," making it a big challenge to "[find] its unique space and its unique take."

Hutch Parker confirms 'Gambit' still a go

Despite the departure of Doug Liman, "X-Men" Universe producer Hutch Parker told Screen Rant that "Gambit" will still make its way to the big screen.

While he did not delve into specific details, he did say that "there’s still a desire and a passionate interest to see that movie made." His statement may seem like it isn't enough to finally launch the Channing Tatum-led film into production, but there are several other Marvel films to keep fans busy. This July 7, the Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr.-led "Spider-Man: Homecoming" will swing into theaters, while "Thor: Ragnarok" will make a thunderous debut come November 3.