There are only four months to go before the highly anticipated "Blade Runner 2049" finally hits theaters. The upcoming film is the sequel to the 1982 film "Blade Runner," which starred Harrison Ford and featured famed director Ridley Scott at the helm.

This year's film brings back Ford, this time with "La La Land" star Ryan Gosling, "Wonder Woman" actress Robin Wright, "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" star Dave Bautista, and "Suicide Squad" actor Jared Leto, among many others. The film is set to be released this October 6, and ahead of its release, filmmaker Denis Villeneuve is already bracing himself for the worse, seeing that fans will compare it to the original.

Director thanks, Ridley Scott for collaboration

"Blade Runner 2049" has been a long time to come, as initial plans for a sequel to 1982 original began way back in 1999. Several projects came and gone, until 2015, when confirmation about the sequel was finally made public. Ridley Scott still played an instrumental role in the upcoming film, as he also served as a producer for it.

In fact, Denis Villeneuve told The Hollywood Reporter that he was given creative freedom by Scott, saying, "To take Ridley Scott's universe and try to make it my own was a really big task for me," but Scott gave the "biggest gift of all, which is freedom."

Denis Villeneuve is prepared for 'very narrow' success

Denis Villeneuve arrived to "Blade Runner 2049" a little late in the game, as the script was already written and the universe already built.

He admitted that he had some qualms about the film's success, given the massive icon that "Blade Runner" has become since its premiere in 1982.

The director told The Hollywood Reporter that both he and star Ryan Gosling have "made peace with the idea that the chances of success were very narrow." He added that viewers will naturally compare the upcoming film to the 1982 movie, which he called a "masterpiece." He did say, however, that the upcoming film has a "very strong" script, which hopefully will resonate with viewers.

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'2049' may answer some questions from the original film

"Blade Runner 2049" star Ryan Gosling was recently at the CinemaEurope event in the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona, where he shed light on the upcoming film.

According to Screenrant, Gosling said that the first film was "iconic," "deep and powerful and haunting," leaving viewers with more questions than answers. He added that the upcoming film "some of those questions might get answered" in the upcoming film. "Blade Runner 2049" opens on October 6.