The show that premiered only two weeks ago started with fireworks in that the program was “racially charged” making it uncomfortable just to watch. Week one was so awkward it was difficult to endure. Jamie Foxx not only favors the black contestants, he has predominately had black guests on the show and one begins thinking that we are watching the BET network which is also brought up on occasion.

Foxx went so far as to mention the Ferguson riots to fuel racism among the contestants and audience. On week two the program showed improvement although racism still had a strong presence.

Named October, the black woman that cues up the music, tends to convey more understanding than Foxx towards the contestants. Foxx connects with mostly black guests and kiddingly faults them whenever they fail.

Moving to game shows

There’s a trend in recent years for television and movies personalities to move onto game shows. Drew Carey from the "Drew Carey Show" is the host of "The Price is Right, "Alec Baldwin the "Match Game," Anthony Anderson in, "To Tell The Truth," Steve Harvey the "Family Feud" and now Jaimie Foxx enters the mix. With hordes of music talent to draw from is Foxx the best selection?

The game is unique in that it has three pairs of contestants that typically have a life connection together, like the second show where a pair of cousins that hadn’t seen each other in 30 years met on social media.

The DJ who cues up the songs plays a tune at Foxx’s command and the contestants compete to hit their buzzer first naming that tune. It shows the team’s answers but only the fastest wins the round. There are numerous categories and after the second round, one team is eliminated.

The teams win money for every correct answer and the stakes dollars grow as they continue.

There’s the fast track round in each category where the money doubles. Then after the two teams compete for head to head, the winner faces Shazam for the finals. Shazam is the machine that identifies the song in two to four seconds. If a team can go without any wrong answers and continue winning they have the potential to go for a million dollars.

In the final round, only one of the team members can face Shazam and must Beat the machine to win. Losers are allowed to keep half of their winnings and the team that makes it to the finals has to decide if they want to continue.

The way in which TV shows come and go every season, the real question is will the show be around next year and will Foxx be in charge?