Andy Grammer comes by his gift for writing uplifting songs very naturally. His dad, Red Grammer, filled his home and his heart with music that lifted millions of other children’s and adults’ hearts. One of Red Grammer’s most cherished albums is “Hello World,” and a smiling Andy Grammer greeted an enthusiastic and patient crowd gathered in Rockefeller Plaza for "Today" this morning, June 23. The singer-songwriter was quite candid with co-hosts Al Roker and Dylan Dreyer about why he strives to make his music matter beyond chart success, and how he looks at the world differently now that he is about to be a father.

Reason to get up every day

There was never a downpour, but several of the fans carefully fashioned signs showed hints of raindrops here and there. It was hard for any spirits to be dampened under the influence of energy that Andy Grammer demonstrated on “Good to Be Alive.” Grammer grabbed and slapped as many hands as he could reach, and the feel was very genuine as he exclaimed: “I found my Hallelujah!” His band matched his every high step, and his faithful audience sang back every word.

By pressing demand, the singer performed his most recognized hit “Honey, I'm Good,” never losing a second of his up-tempo mood. Everyone from preschoolers to grandparents had this ode to marital fidelity memorized by heart, so it's sure that Red Grammer was looking down with a smile.

Even those without much love for poppy-country crooning have a hard time keeping a smile and check considering the composer’s evident love for what he does.

As the morning progressed, the themes of purpose in Andy Grammer's offerings continued. “Give Love” is the composer’s new single, and no one can ever accuse him of not being industrious.

He's got 106 songs written, and still says “We’re almost there.” His song that exemplified in its video the transformation that can happen even to those on the fringes of society, homeless and hurting, “Fresh Eyes” came last but never least.

The family way

Inside the studio, Andy Grammer savored a cup of Al Roker’s special blend coffee that he said tasted “like a milkshake.” He had some fun with “Dancing with the Stars” memories, and credited his mom, Kay, for her example to “always be giving” as being even more of an influence since her passing.

The 33-year-old artist will be staying off the road this summer in anticipation of his baby girl’s arrival with wife, Aija Lise. Recently the expectant dad pledged “I won’t let you down,” in an open letter published in the National Right to Life News.

The nursery and the crib are all ready to welcome the new member of the family. Andy Grammer knows his little one will be active because of all the kicks that he felt when he and his wife went to see “Wonder Woman” last weekend. He's also noticing baby girls are everywhere. “They have their own section in restaurants,” the musician teases. He has a little trepidation about learning all the necessary “dad skills,” but Dylan Dreyer assured, “by six weeks, you’re a pro.”

One thing is sure-- Andy Grammer won’t need any practice in being a loving papa, always ready with a song.