The recently concluded "Survivor" was among the most controversial season of the reality competition after a contested outed his fellow in one of the episodes. The persons involved were Jeff Varner and Zeke Smith who finally spoke up about the issue during the reunion episode of the program.

'Outing to some is assault'

Varner acknowledged his mistake for revealing the gender history of Smith on the show. Hence, he immediately released an apology to the fellow contestant and the public after the controversial episode was aired. In a lengthy statement, Varner offered his "heartfelt" apologies to Smith, his colleagues, and family, and to those who took offense of his act.

The "Survivor" contestant said what he did can be considered as an "assault," stating that by outing Smith, he has opened him to public discrimination and harm. Varner added that his obnoxious act can cause trauma to the other party who will remember this controversy for a lifetime.

Following his shocking revelation of Smith's past, Varner got eliminated from the reality competition. It was also said that the "Survivor" contestant was fired from his job for the controversy. He also admitted that he has undergone therapy seasons after causing a big controversy on "Survivor."

Smith, on the other hand, admitted he struggled to give his forgiveness to his fellow "Survivor" after what he has done on TV. He, however, does not think that Varner hates transgender people despite his behavior on the show.

Smith thought his fellow needs to learn more about trans people to fully understand them.

'Survivor' reunion

Varner and Smith recently encountered during the reunion special of "Survivor," there first meeting after the controversial confrontation. During the reunion, the latter said he was "really scared" of the people's reaction after his fellow revealed he was a transgender.

But despite his worries, the outed contestant also saw the positive effect of what happened to him on the show. Since then, Smith has been receiving much love and support not only from his family and friends but also from people who understood what he was going through.

The "Survivor" contestant also recalled the time he transitioned which he said was one of the most depressing moments of his life that he almost failed in Harvard.

After watching an episode of the reality program, Smith already knew that he would like to join the competition.

Varner, on the other hand, acknowledged that the victim of the whole situation was Smith and not him. He, however, said that he was also greatly affected by his own act.

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