Karrueche Tientrese Tran, the 28-year old model and actress, is reportedly now ready to take the stand to testify in her allegations against her former lover, Chris Brown. The couple has been going through an on-and-off relationship over the past few years but it seems like Tran is finally ready to set the record straight to reveal to the courts the details of the abuse she apparently had to go through with the 28-year old rapper.

A violent relationship

Earlier in the year, Tran filed for a restraining order against Chris Brown and stated that she was actually fearful for her safety following several threats from her ex-boyfriend.

Brown allegedly threatened to kill her and "take her out." The rapper even admitted this in a video on social media claiming that if he can't have her, nobody else can.

Tran revealed that Brown apparently told his friends and some of their common friends that he was going to "shoot her." Tran also revealed that the abuse apparently started more than a few years ago, when Brown allegedly punched her in the stomach twice. Tran also revealed an instance where the rapper allegedly pushed her down the stairs.

Getting served

Tran's lawyers reportedly wanted to make the Restraining Order permanent in order to ensure their client's safety. Unfortunately, it took a while to serve the legal documents to the rapper's camp.

According to a report by XXL Mag, the legal papers were recently just served to Brown when he was on his way out at a high-end club in Houston late last week.

Saving other women

According to sources close to the TV personality, Tran apparently wants to put out all the details of what she had gone through in order to inspire other abused women.

Tran likely also wants the cycle to stop for any other woman that ends up with the rapper in the future. Tran hopes that other women who are currently experiencing what she had to go through would stop being silent about their situation and finally have the courage to leave or fight back.

A history of violence

Physical abuse allegations are nothing new for the rapper as he has been involved in other cases in the past with his former partners.

The rapper actually pleaded guilty in 2009 to assaulting his former girlfriend, Rihanna. After an argument that escalated to physical violence, the "Diamonds" singer was left with visible facial injuries that required her to be hospitalized. After pleading guilty, the rapper accepted a plea deal that involved community labor, five years of formal probation, and domestic violence counseling.