When "Riverdale" concluded its first season this month, fans were in shock, as the show posed, even more, questions than it did answers on its final episode. While it was finally revealed who Jason Blossom's killer was, another one was on the loose, this time in the form of Fred Andrew's shooter. Of course, Fred's fate still hangs in a balance, as the show left him hanging by a thread after a not-so-random shooting in Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe.

This begged the question, who was out to kill him and why? That answer will seemingly be answered in "Riverdale" Season 2, as hinted by none other than the narrator himself, Jughead.

Cole Sprouse, who plays the brooding Jughead Jones on the series, recently commented on how the second season will be darker than its predecessor.

Prepare for more 'campy, dark content' from 'Riverdale'

Cole Sprouse was on hand during The CW's Upfronts in New York, where he commented on "Riverdale" season 2 and how it will differ from the first season. He admitted that the sophomore season will be "getting darker and stranger" as the producers and writers behind the show have definitely heard the comments of fans and viewers.

Sprouse told TVLine that the show will definitely delve more into the darker side of things, which was what drew fans to the show. He cited that such qualities like the "really dark content that’s kind of over-the-top and campy," were some of the things that attracted fans to its unconventional adaptation of the comic book.

Fred Andrews' life hangs on a thread after shooting

Earlier this month, Camila Mendes, who stars as Veronica Lodge on The CW show, also commented on how "Riverdale" season 2 will delve more into the aftermath of the tragic shooting of Fred Andrews, especially in terms of his son, Archie. Mendes told Entertainment Weekly, that the events of the season finale will bring out a certain "darkness" in Archie that will add "a lot of edge" and "some depth" to one of the show's most polarizing characters.

'Riverdale' fans are very vocal about the show

Since the Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa-developed show first aired in January, it earned a following among TV and comic fans. It even spawned several Buzzfeed articles on how Archie's issues revolved around football practice and stage fright, compared to the more serious issues such as crime (Veronica Lodge), deceit (Betty Cooper), and murder (Cheryl Blossom).

Mendes commented that with social media, they are able to easily see people's comments on the show and find out what viewers like and don't like.

"Riverdale" season 2 is set to return to The CW next fall TV season, while the first season is already streaming on Netflix.