While many "Outlander" fans are busy reading spoilers and news updates about Season 3, the creators of the show are also occupied searching for the perfect puppies who will be part of Season 4. Fortunately, they managed to find the perfect pair who can play the role.

For a moment, let us set aside our favorite "Outlander" pair, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, who play the roles of Jamie and Claire, as we focus our attention to the new cast of the series. Apparently, of all the cast members, these newbies need more training and attention.

Roles of the puppies

Although the cast is still filming season 3 in South Africa, the producers of the critically acclaimed series have chosen the puppies who will play Rollo for season 4. The early selection is necessary since the dogs will still be trained for the role. Rollo is a wolf hybrid that will become part of the Fraser clan. The Northern Inuit puppies are already starting their training for the show's new season.

The two pups will take turns in playing the role of Rollo. According to a spokesman from Starz, the dog usually gets into trouble and would often stick its nose in places where it doesn't belong. It is said that the dog plays an important role in the adventures of season 4.

Since Rollo is half wolf and half Irish Wolfhound, he is very well-behaved. But sometimes he is fierce. Because of this, it is important for find a dog that doesn't just look perfect for the part but could also be trained on how to behave in certain situations.

Rollo's importance in season 4

The pooch first appears in the fourth book titled "Drums of Autumn" written by Diana Gabaldon where the series is based from.

Gabaldon said that the dogs look cute but tough and they would need to growl and even carry some prey to their master.

In the book, Rollo's first appearance is an encounter with a young Ian Murray portrayed by John Bell in the series. The two met at the docks in North Carolina after Ian won Rollo from a card game. Since then, the two got closer and became part of the Fraser family.

Season 3 update

Fans of "Outlander" would need to wait for Season 4 in order to see this cute pooch. For now, season 3 is still on the production stage which will feature the reunion of Claire and Jaime after they lived apart for long years. Claire will give birth to Jamie's daughter, Brianna, while she stays with her first husband, Frank played by Tobias Menzies. The pair will encounter different challenges while apart but will eventually get back on each other's arms again.