Niall Horan just made millions of fans happy when he confirmed that a One Direction reunion could happen anytime soon. Unlike other disbanded groups which usually wait for years, if not decades, before actually holding reunion shows, the English-Irish boy band is reportedly planning to reunite before their hair turns gray.

'We will be back!'

Last year, Horan assured One Directioners that they will be back as a group, stating that it would be "silly" if a reunion will not happen in the future. Despite the fact that the five of them are currently building their own reputation in the entertainment industry, the 1D member is 100% sure that at some point, all of them will meet again to perform before their fans.

During his recent interview, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter hinted at the possibility of holding a 1D reunion in the "next few years." Although the member played it coy and refused to give further details about the reunion, Horan, however, said that he would like it to happen before the members reach their 40s.

Reasons for hiatus

Despite being in disbandment rumors, One Direction clarified they are only taking a breather as a group. Similarly, each member continued their solo promotional activities after going on a hiatus. The decision to go on break came after Zayn Malik left the band to continue as a soloist in 2015.

The remaining members admitted they were initially furious with Malik's decision to depart from One Direction.

They, however, continued their journey as a four-member boy group for months before they announced that they were going on a hiatus.

In an interview, Horan candidly said the reason for their hiatus was 1D's "grueling schedule" and the need for each member to express their own style. He added that the whole touring and promoting have taken its toll on them which made them realized to slow things down and do their stuff individually.

The decision was also made to give them a chance to step back a little bit and for them to spend more time with their family and colleagues. Despite the uncertainties whether the "Pillowtalk" singer will join them for a possible reunion, Horan refused to rule out the idea of having Malik for that special gathering.

Horan added he will always have a "mutual respect" with his co-member despite the latter's previous statements about how he struggled while he was still with One Direction. He even said Malik will still be the front runner if a 1D reunion happens in the near future.