22 people died and 59 were injured in the May 22 terror attack in the Manchester Arena following an Ariana Grande concert. Fans are now concerned over Justin Bieber’s upcoming tour of the U.K., including his planned appearance at the British Summertime Festival to be held in Hyde Park in London on July 2.

Fans beg Justin Bieber and his manager to cancel the U.K. tour

Hoards of “Beliebers” took to social media, begging both Bieber himself, and his manager, Scooter Braun, to cancel the tour, showing concerns for fans and for the Canadian singer himself.

@projetoojbbr sent a message to Braun, saying fans know Justin always wants to give of his best to his fans, but for now that “best’ would be to stay safe and at home.

However, other fans did take to Twitter to urge Bieber to continue with his planned tour, telling him to stand his ground in spite of any terror threats and pointing out that no country is safe these days. As reported by the International Business Times, the Twitter user said people have to keep on living, no matter what.

Braun, Bieber’s manager, also acts for Ariana Grande’s European tour and said in a statement following the terror attack that their hearts were broken and that words couldn’t express their sorrow over the tragedy and the loss of the victims and their families.

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Braun went on to praise the efforts of the city’s first responders for rushing into the dangerous scene to save lives. Grande also sent out a message to fans via Twitter, saying she had no words, but that she was sorry, from the bottom of her heart.

Extra security plans already in place for Justin Bieber’s U.K. tour

As reported by the Mail Online, extra security measures are planned for Bieber’s U.K.

tour. Reportedly Bieber also shares manager Braun with the Australian band, Sheppard. Sheppard’s band recently opened for Bieber on his recent Australian tour and are looking forward to appearing with him again in the U.K.

The band’s front man, George Sheppard, told Daily Mail Australia that plans are going ahead unchanged. He said he had heard of no concert cancellations following the Manchester terror attack, but he had seen emails about tightening security at the venues to keep everyone safe. According to Sheppard, there will likely be a stricter security protocol on entry to the events and more “escorting” for performers.

Concern had been shown following the Manchester attack that bags were not screened on entry to the venue.

However, Braun did back Grande’s decision to cancel the rest of her European tour after the terror attack and Sheppard agrees with that decision. He went on to say that until police investigations are complete, as well as out of respect for the victims of the attack, it was definitely the way to go.