For a couple of years now, Guillermo Del Toro was trying to get "Justice League Dark" brought to the big screen. In that amount of time, Del Toro left the project, an animated version was released, and "Bourne Identity" director Doug Liman came onboard as the director to try to get the live-action version started again. However, Liman recently left the project and now Warner Bros. and DC Comics are looking at a relatively unknown director named Damian Szifron to take over the role.

The problem holding directors for this DC Comics franchise

It seemed like Guillermo Del Toro was a perfect option to direct this DC Comics movie.

Del Toro had already made two comic book movies in "Hellboy" and its sequel, and those dealt heavily with mystic elements. However, over time, it looked like Del Toro and Warner Bros. couldn't agree on the direction for the movie and Guillermo left the project.

After that, the animated movie came and went with Batman bringing the group together for a mission that the regular Justice League had no way of dealing with. Around the same time, Doug Liman came on board to direct "Justice League Dark." Liman said all the right things, including the fact that he was a true fan of the source material.

However, Liman left the project this month due to what was called "creative differences." That pretty much means that what Doug Liman wanted to do was not what the studio wanted.

With that in mind, it makes sense that Warner Bros. and DC Comics would go after someone like Damian Szifron, someone who has never made a Hollywood feature film. He is possibly more easily controlled and will deliver the movie the studio wants.

What characters are in this movie?

For fans who are unfamiliar with "Justice League Dark," they are a team that is comprised of mystical and magic using superheroes in the DC Comics universe.

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Thanks to the recent TV series, the most famous of these heroes is John Constantine and there is still a chance that Matt Ryan could reprise the role in the movie.

While the actual characters are unknown until the new director comes aboard, there were rumors Swamp Thing was going to be involved, which is another popular character thanks to two movies from the 80s.

Other "Justice League Dark" characters include Deadman, a deceased acrobat who can take control of people's bodies, Zatanna, a magician, Shade the Changing Man, who has the power to warp reality, and Madame Xanadu, a mystic fortune teller.