It was just announced a few weeks ago that a full television series adaptation of the highly popular "2000 AD" comic book series was indeed going to be produced. The new television series, which will be produced in partnership with IM Global Television and UK games developer Rebellion, will essentially be a sequel to the 2012 cult film, "Dredd."

Following its announcement, fans have been wondering if any of the movie's characters will be returning to reprise their roles in the upcoming series.

The return of Judge Dredd

The brand new television series, titled "Judge Dredd: Mega-City One," will be produced by the same people responsible for 2012's "Dredd" movie.

This includes Stuart Ford as well as brothers Chris and Jason Kingsley. In a recent podcast interview with Jason Kingsley, it was revealed that they were actually in talks with "Star Trek" actor, Karl Urban, for him to reprise his roles as the infamous Judge Dredd.

Kingsley explained that Urban was a big fan of the original comic book series and that they previously had numerous conversations with him regarding the project. However, Urban is apparently quite busy with his other projects, which is why he hasn't given his commitment yet for the new series. Kingsley then mentioned that if Urban were to jump on board, they would be more than happy to have him as one of the lead characters.

An ensemble drama TV series

The upcoming television series will reportedly still be based on the original comic book series, but there will apparently be a different approach to its characters.

The show will still be set in the same east coast city of Mega-City One, which is a crime-ridden metropolis of 800 million residents set in the 22nd century.

However, instead of just focusing on Judge Dredd, the famous and most feared Judge in the city, the show will apparently have an ensemble cast, with each one having his or her time in the limelight.

It isn't clear just yet if the producers are also eyeing Olivia Thirlby to reprise her role as Judge Cassandra Anderson for the new series.

Futuristic cops

For those who are not familiar with the franchise, Judges are basically futuristic cops who are given the power to be the judge, jury, and executioner in the future world. They are the products of years of training and psychological conditioning, which started when they were just 5-years old.

The Judges adhere to a strict code of law and will outright execute an appropriate punishment right then and there without any sort of due process.

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