Anna Harr is a young Actress who appeared in the movies “Stasis,” “Restoration” and--most recently--“Bethany” where she plays two roles: the younger version of the main character, Claire, and that of the ghostly title character. Despite her young age, Anna is a talented actress who is willing to embrace many different kinds of roles. Anna Harr recently granted an exclusive Interview where she discussed her life, career, and hopes for future projects.


Blasting News (BN): This is a really well-done yet creepy movie so can you tell us a little bit about the plot of the film?

Anna Harr (AH): I'm not sure how much I can say without giving things away.

I can tell you it's different from a typical horror film. There are a lot of emotional scenes in it, some scary, some heartbreaking

BN: How did you initially get involved with “Bethany”?

AH: I had worked with both James and Zack War before, as well as Shannen Doherty. In this film both of my characters of young Claire and Bethany had to work very closely with Shannen and there were some very emotional and difficult scenes between us. So, I was a good fit when the role came up, I got the call, which I'm very grateful for!

BN: What did you think when you first read the "Bethany" script and what aspects of its plot and theme most appealed to you?

AH: I thought it was really well written. I can't mention too much without giving the story away, but I liked the little clues it gave through certain events that happen during the film, that all make sense in the end.

The film makes you think one thing and then you go, “oh wait a minute maybe it's this way instead,” so it keeps you guessing until the end. I also liked the chance to play two completely different characters on the same project.

BN: Bethany is a ghostly character so what was it like to prepare for that role?

AH: Well, we actresses usually play a character like Bethany--who doesn't have a normal dialogue--through facial expressions to get feelings or emotions across.

In Bethany's case, a large portion of the face is also covered so I had to work to convey the emotions through what portions of the face were visible, as well as through body language, I think my background as a dancer helped. Of course, I included a few shrieks and screams too.

BN: The makeup for Bethany seemed to be quite detailed, so how long did it actually take to put on?

AH: There were a few different looks for the Bethany character throughout the film. I think James, the director, had names for the stages actually. So, depending on the stage anywhere from an hour to more than two hours!

BN: Did you like playing an "otherworldly" character and would you sit for elaborate makeup again?

AH: I've played a few different types of otherworldly characters, everything from an Archangel to a vengeful spirit, to a dark fairy tale character. They are all a lot of fun. Some have very little makeup and others have extensive. The previous film I did just before “Bethany” actually required me to be in the makeup chair for over ten hours on one of the shots. It included full body makeup as well as some prosthetics, so in comparison this makeup was easy.

I'd absolutely have no issue going back in the makeup chair for a good project!


BN: So far what has been your favorite role and is there one particular genre that you most like to act in?

AH: I couldn't pick a favorite role honestly. I'm comfortable working in most genres. It really depends on the particular project, the script, the role, things like that.

BN: Through your career thus far what have been the highlights of working in the movie industry?

AH: Just being able to do what I love and to experience all the different things that come with it: no two sets are ever the same

BN: What kind of movie or show would be your dream project to act in and where do you envision yourself being in ten years?

AH: I'm not sure I have an answer for that.

Honestly, I'm just happy to be working in such a great industry, and I've been very lucky so far. I don't think that far ahead right now, I'm just kind of taking it as it goes. Of course, I'd love to still be having a successful acting career.

BN: What do you do for fun when you're not reading scripts or acting?

AH: I've been dancing competitively for over ten years and I also do gymnastics, so that takes up a lot of my time. When I have some down-time I hang I out with my friends. Oh, and I can't forget my pets, I have a Golden Doodle, named Charlie, an Irish Wolfhound named Dougal, a sulcatta tortoise named (don't laugh) John Cena (it's a long story), a red-eared slider turtle named Harold, and a western striped gecko named Link.

BN: Do you have some upcoming projects or events that you would like to mention and what sort of advice could you give to aspiring stars?

AH: I have a young adult Sci-fi feature that releases later this summer called “Stasis” in which I play two roles again but this time it's the two lead roles. That was a fun shoot too with split screens and some other cool things. As per advice for entertainers, just be yourself and have fun. Student films are a good place to start to get some set experience when you're first learning.

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