"The Bachelorette" rachel lindsay is engaged! Just two months after she greeted 31 guys at The Bachelor mansion, the Dallas attorney handed out her final rose and received an engagement ring in return. Who did Rachel pick and who left the final rose ceremony broken hearted?

While we wait for the 13th season of "The Bachelorette" to begin on May 22, here's what we know about Rachel's final rose ceremony and the guy she is engaged to.

Rachel travels around the globe to find love

Rachel Lindsay is one lucky lady. She traveled around the world and found the man of her dreams (we hope) in just seven weeks.

Now, that's speed dating!

When taping for the season started back in March, the cast and crew traveled across the United States. But it's the guys who made it the furthest who were the luckiest as far as travel goes. Their first three stops? Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland.

After traveling abroad for several weeks, Rachel returned to the U.S. for the hometown dates with her final four guys — Dr. Eric Bigger, Dr. Bryan Abasolo Peter Kraus, and Dean Unglert. Spoilers indicate that Dean was eliminated after hometowns, but there may have been an additional elimination this season.

Normally, the final three guys get to stay in the Fantasy Suite, but Steve states that Rachel may have eliminated two of her final four before she left for Madrid. If that's true, only two guys got overnight dates.

According to Reality Steve, Rachel traveled to Madrid, Spain to film the overnight dates and the final rose ceremony.

Final Rose Ceremony filmed in Madrid

Rachel's overnight dates were filmed almost two weeks ago in Madrid.

After her final round of dates, it was rose ceremony time. The big day was taped on May 11 and, if the spoilers are true, Rachel is now engaged.

Who were the final two guys and who is she engaged to? Reality Steve revealed the winner of Rachel's final rose earlier this week. He is confident that the "Bachelorette" star got engaged to Peter Kraus, a Personal Trainer from Madison, Wisconsin.

Over the past few seasons of both the "Bachelor" and the "Bachelorette," Steve has been spot on with his spoilers. Of course, producers will try to throw fans off track and make us think she picks someone else (or no one), but Steve says he's certain that Rachel and Peter are engaged.

What about the guy who got rejected at the final rose ceremony? That's still a mystery. Steve has yet to reveal if it's Eric Bigger or Dr. Bryan Abasolo. Maybe we will all have to wait until the season finale (August 7) to find out who left Madrid with a broken heart.

Watch "The Bachelorette" season premiere on Monday, May 22 at 8 p.m.

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