A full fifth season of the hit television sitcom, "Arrested Development," is now one step closer to becoming a reality as Jason Bateman, who plays Michael Bluth in the series, has now confirmed his return. Since the renewal of the series back in 2013, fans have been waiting on Netflix and 20Th Century Fox Television to announce a brand new season. However, both companies have been keeping silent regarding the matter, which has only resulted in escalating the anticipation.

Confirmed to be on board

Bateman recently went on Twitter and confirmed that he has in fact already signed a contract to appear on yet another season of "Arrested Development." The actor, who plays the voice-of-reason in the dysfunctional Bluth family, expressed his excitement for the new season and even joked about putting in some additional miles on the series' iconic Stair Car this summer.

Hitting the mainstream

The series first hit the small screen back in 2003 with three full seasons that aired up until 2006. The show hadn't really hit the mainstream market and struggled with getting a wider audience. Despite the challenges, the show still earned a lot of accolades including an Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series. Due to its low ratings, the producers finally ended the show and shortened its third season.

Sudden revival

Following its cancellation, the show suddenly gained a large cult following over the years, which resulted in a high demand for the series to be brought back.

Netflix listened to the viewers and finally brought back the show with an additional 15-episode fourth season. Due to the problems with the actor's schedules, writers had to be creative with the script, which resulted in a show that focused on individual characters per episode.

The move apparently worked as the fourth season generated a lot of views and positive reviews from fans.

Talks regarding a full fifth season immediately began but production was somehow delayed due to unknown reasons. There were also talks of producing an entire "Arrested Development" movie that would have the fourth season act as its prolog.

As of the moment, Netflix and 20th Century Fox Television have not yet released any official announcements regarding the fifth season.

It also has to be noted that the show's other actors have not yet officially signed contracts for the new season. Nevertheless, the show is expected to start shooting new episodes sometime this summer.