You have to admire Anastacia. She might be small in stature but she more than makes up for it on stage. Huge in talent, few can match her vocal prowess when it comes to belting out a song. Chicago born and raised, she started out as a dancer and despite recurring health problems from an early age, managed to stay firmly focussed on her performing ambitions.

False starts, 'The Cut' and super-stardom

Inevitably, there were the false starts - several of them - before her major breakthrough in 1998. And it's largely thanks to Lisa Braude and MTV's talent show "The Cut." In 2000, her debut platter "Not That Kind" hit the stores and made a significant mark in a number of European countries, including Asia.

It went triple platinum in Australia. She followed up with five more albums, gradually propelling her to super-stardom.

With a large swathe of her life spent in the glare of showbiz and the media, overcoming breast cancer twice shows just how gutsy this Illinois girl really is. Since then, she has gone through a virtual rebirth, using her life changing experiences to write some very deep songs. Her sixth album,'Resurrection' leaned heavily on her own post cancer journey.

The Ultimate Collection Tour

With hits that include "I'm Outta Love" - her first biggest selling single, "Cowboys and Kisses" and "Paid My Dues," the Little Lady with the huge voice's' Ultimate Collection Tour is touching down in a wide selection of venues worldwide, including - so far - Switzerland, Germany, and Poland.

The tour is her first greatest hits and fourth headlining trek, and alongside it is a live album "A4App."

There's no denying audiences around the world are drawn to her. And not just for that soulful, captivating voice. She's the first to admit she's not afraid to poke fun at herself and finds the idea of 'doing a Madonna' and falling over on stage quite appealing.

Bluntly, she added that she would simply pick herself up and carry on regardless.

Learned a lot, gained strength and never once threw in the towel

Anastacia readily admits to leading an eventful life. By her own admission, beating 'the Big C' twice was her biggest challenge. She has learned a huge amount in the past decade, gained strength, literally, and has never once considered throwing in the towel. Such is her focus and such is her determination; such is Anastacia. With new dates being added, the Ultimate Collection Tour is on the road until the middle of August.