amal clooney is about to give birth to her twin babies "any day now," a source revealed. She and husband george clooney originally expected their first-born children to arrive by the first week of June. Because they are having twins, however, it's likely that the birth will happen earlier, according to Entertainment Tonight.

The soon-to-be parents are now comfortably settled in their England home where they plan to raise the twin babies. Amal Clooney has been laying low as her due date draws closer. She has not been seen with her husband at red carpet events in the last month, as well as in get-together and parties with friends.

Preparing for the babies

Sources say the couple didn't plan the twin babies' nursery until Amal Clooney was six months into her pregnancy so as not to jinx anything. They got help from a London-based interior designer, Ilse Crawford, to fix the room and infuse the nursery with "holistic" design elements based on the couple's choices. Some of the items were bought from a Paris boutique called Baudou, which were then shipped out to their Sonning home in England.

E! News reports the Clooneys intend to be hands-on once the twin babies are born. They won't be hiring a full-time nanny and instead will only employ a night nurse to help the babies develop a sleep schedule. They also will get some help from Amal Clooney's mom, Baria Alamuddin.

George Clooney also expressed he's had some experience around kids, so he's ready for parenthood. He once joked he played a pediatrician on his former TV show "ER" and implied he already got the training on baby feeding, diaper changing and attending to his children's needs.

After the baby's birth

Amal Clooney won't quit her job just because she has twin babies to raise.

She plans to return to work as an international human rights lawyer six months after the babies' birth. She will, however, scale down her schedule at work because she's planning to do some of these at home as the kids grow. Apart from the nursery, the Clooneys also fixed and prepped up the new mom's home office.

When George Clooney confirmed his wife's pregnancy in March he said that they have agreed as a couple to limit their travels.

For Amal Clooney, this means opting not to go to dangerous sites in the Middle East and Africa as part of her work. It's unclear if they will stick to this same plan for the long haul.

The Clooneys did not reveal the gender of their twin babies just yet. George Clooney's mom, however, dished they will have a boy and a girl. Family friend Cindy Crawford also said the same thing.