The Netflix original series "13 Reasons Why" has blown up all over social media after only being released for a short period of time. Season 1 follows the story of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), a high school junior who decides to commit suicide and leave behind 13 tapes -- each representing a reason why she decided to take her own life. As one of the most tweeted about shows, it was also deemed the most controversial due to graphic content. But, soon after the binge-watching ended, fans needed to know whether there would be a second season. Brian Yorkey, the showrunner of the series, confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly earlier this week that there will be a Season 2.

Will Hannah Baker return?

Brian Yorkey told Entertainment Weekly that Hannah Baker will “absolutely” make an appearance in season 2. He also answered some of the most important questions linked to some of the episodes, and what fans can expect from the show in season 2.

Brian Yorkey stated that a lot more will be shown about Hannah's life, and the audience will truly find out who she was and what her life was like when she was alive. He said that the show will continue to have a voice-over, but it will no longer be Hannah's voice.

Yorkey then spoke about Jessica and Bryce’s characters in season 2, saying that he wants justice for Jessica, which will open more doors in the future. He also jokingly stated that he would love to see someone punch Bryce in the face for what he did to both Jessica and Hannah.

What about the tapes?

Brian Yorkey explained that, as the tapes have had their moment in season 1, there will be new technology that weaves its way into season 2. He did not directly stated what type of technology will appear in season 2, but he said that although the tapes are still somewhat significant to people, there will be another form which will be central to season 2, and will definitely play an extremely important role in shaping the story.

Season 2 of "13 Reasons Why" is confirmed for 2018.

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