Tribeca TV launched today as part of the annual 2017 Tribeca Film Festival without a hitch, featuring the cast from the new TV series, “Genius” based on the amazing genius with the scientific brain, Albert Einstein -- the smartest man of his era in the 20th century. The panel included director/executive producer Ron Howard, executive producers Brian Glazer and Gigi Pritzker, show runner, Ken Biller, along with cast members Geoffrey Rush, Johnny Flynn, Emily Watson and Samantha Colley. The panel was moderated by People Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Jess Cagle.

An unexpected guest, Monica Lewinsky was in the audience and Katie Couric was also there and posed for photos.

In a spoiler alert, actress Samantha Colley gave away the plot by stating that no one really knew how Einstein’s eldest daughter died, but she admitted it might have been scarlet fever.

The best television has to offer

In the Q&A section of the panel, an audience member asked, “Who has a more beautiful mind?” Nash or Einstein” The answer? Einstein. Brian Grazer answered that John Nash is more cinematic because of his alternate reality but Einstein is the real genius! Nash suffered a horrible disease and didn’t come close to Einstein! Howard also confirmed that Einstein was a Jew in Germany on Hitler’s kill list.

The producers haven’t announced the second season of the series yet.

Michael Moore gets 'Retrospective' on 'Bowling for Columbine'

Michael Moore was the featured guest at the Retrospective Talk series regarding "Bowling for Columbine." He talked about the 18th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre shootings that stunned the world.

When confronted with a political question relating to gun violence and what he would say to President Donald Trump, he gave a vague response, stating he wouldn't say anything about the topic to Donald Trump in person.

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