Netflix has more than 92 million subscribers all over the world. Every month, dozens of new documentaries, Hollywood movies, television series, and short films are added to the streaming giant.

If you are a fan of “American Honey,” “Queen of Katwe,” and “The Secret Life of Pets,” we have the good news. These popular movies will be added to Netflix in the first week of May.

‘American Honey’

American Honey” is a 2016 film directed and scripted by Andrea Arnold, based on a novel of the same name by Lady Antebellum. The cast includes Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf, and Riley Keough.

The story is about a teenage girl, Star, who leaves her house to marry her boyfriend, Jake. The two are madly in love and want to tie the knot as early as possible.

The film competed for the Palme d'Or at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. Garry Howell, Kenneth Tucker, Isaiah Stone, Dakota Powers, Verronikah Ezell, Laura Kirk, and Brody Hunsaker are in the supporting roles.

‘Queen of Katwe’

Queen of Katwe” is a 2016 sports film directed and co-produced by Mira Nair and scripted by William Wheeler. The cast includes David Oyelowo, Madina Nalwanga, and Lupita Nyong. The movie sheds light on the life of a Ugandan celebrity, Phiona Mutesi, who loves playing chess. She gains recognition after her fantastic performance at World Chess Olympiad.

The story is inspired by a book of the same name by Tim Crothers. It is a joint project of ESPN Films and Walt Disney Pictures. “Queen of Katwe” was screened for a prize at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. Ethan Nazario, Nikita Waligwa, Edgar Kanyike, and Peter Odeke played the supporting characters in this film.

‘The Secret Life of Pets’

The Secret Life of Pets” is comedy film produced Yarrow Cheney and scripted by Kevin Hart. Steve Coogan played a dual role in this movie. It debuted at the 2016 Annecy International Animated Film Festival and was theoretically released on July 8, 2016. The film grossed over $700 million worldwide, becoming one of the highest-grossing animated films of all time.

A sequel will be released in July 2019.

The story revolves around a Jack Russell Terrier, Max. She lives in an apartment in Manhattan. The lady loves her pets and spends quality time with them. The cast includes Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Jenny Slate, Lake Bell, Dana Carvey, and Hannibal Buress. “The Secret Life of Pets” was released on Digital HD, Blu-ray 3D, and DVD.