Sony Pictures Television is moving forward with the long-gestating TV SeriesWheel Of Time." The story is inspired by fourteen fantasy novels written by Robert Jordan, including “The Eye of the World,” “A Memory of Light,” and others. The studio has joined hands with Radar Pictures and Red Eagle Entertainment for “Wheel of Time.”

The team of upcoming series

Rafe Judkins is attached to pen the dialogues and story. Previously, he was in the news for the beautiful stories of ABC sitcom “Agents of SHIELD,” and the Netflix show “Hemlock Grove.” He has even penned the script of NBC blockbuster “Chuck.” Harriet McDougal will serve as executive producer, with Darren Lemke financing the project.

Issues with ‘Wheel of Time’

The development of the series was being delayed due to several issues. Finally, in April 2016, William Miller took it to Twitter to share an update. The writer said that legal matters had been resolved, and shooting of “Wheel of Time” will soon begin. Later on, he revealed that a TV adaptation of “The Wheel of Time” novels was developed in 2000, but the new series has better visuals and awesome storyline.

Last night, William Miller tweeted something interesting about “Wheel of Time.” You can check it out!

The Sony Pictures Studios have their headquarters in California.

In addition to international films, Sony is behind several successful sitcoms such as “Cavemen,” “The King of Queens,” “Living With Fran,” “Married with Children,” “That's My Bush,” “Rules of Engagement,”Til Death,” “The Goldbergs," and “Dr. Ken.” The studio is also behind the blockbusters like “Close to Home,” “The Guardian,” “Party of Five,” “Breaking Bad,” and “Ray Donovan.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the story of “Wheel of Time,” it is about people living in a near-forgotten district of Andor.

They arrive in the village of Emond and search for a young man who belongs to the same area. Moiraine has no idea about who the Dragon Reborn is. The first part of the series will focus on several agents of the Shadows and their attempts to reach the city of Tar Valon. The second half will focus on the protagonists who frequently divide into groups to pursue different missions.

All of them are trying to discover the Dragon Reborn. Sometimes, they travel thousands of miles just to find clues of this strange creature. Finally, they unite with the kingdom against the dark force. It is not so easy to accomplish their mission. A lot of problems will distract their attention from the mission.