Palomar and Entertainment One (eOne) have joined hands for the upcoming series “Gaddafi.” The story is based on the life of Muammar Gaddafi and the lingering effects on the world today.

Carrie Stein, the executive VP of global production at eOne Television, says that “Gaddafi” is in its final works. Soon the production houses will begin marketing and promotion of the show. The whole team has worked hard and looks forward to fans’ response. “Gaddafi” is directed and co-produced by Roberto Saviano (Gomorrah) and scripted by Nadav Schirman (The Green Prince).

The story of TV show

The story is about a man who fights against the terrorists and struggles for his survival. At the same time, he is worried about the safety and protection of his family and friends. Gaddafi was himself a brave and enigmatic leader and tyrant who came from the desert. Throughout his life, he tried to conquer the world with his good deeds but ended up being killed by his own mate.

Carlo Degli Esposti, the president of Palomar, remarks that they have spent a lot on this project. It is an untold, visionary, tragic story of madness. The TV series depicts how a warrior became multi-millionaire oil tycoon and a wicked oppressor. The series has various action sequences and excellent visual effects.

This soldier came from the desert. In his whole life, he fought against terrorists. His only mission was to spread the message of peace and harmony in Libya. He used to meet the politicians of other countries, discussing his vision. Unfortunately, Gaddafi did not achieve success as he was shot to dead by his own family member.

The inspiration for series

Muammar Gaddafi was born in 1942. This politician was committed to Arab nationalism and Arab socialism, but came to rule according to his own Third International Theory. Throughout his life, Gaddafi struggled for the rights of his people. He played his role in converting Libya into a republic governed by Revolutionary Command Council.

In 1977, he transformed the country into a whole new state called as Jamahiriya. This man saw many ups and downs in his life, and never gave up on his mission. According to Variety, Gaddafi was an occasional novelist. His best novels include “Roots,” “The Outsider,” and “Uncle Tom's Cabin.” The incidents of his life became an inspiration for the TV series. EOne will control worldwide rights.

Palomar and Entertainment One presidents say that the series is in the works, so it’s not possible to give it a date at this point.