Lorraine Gilles, who used to be Mel B's nanny, claims that Mel and her husband Stephen Belafonte used to get her drunk and forced her to have sex with them while recording the entire event. The lawsuit alleges that Gilles started working for Mel B when she was 18 years old foreign exchange student. She began her relationship with Mel B, which lasted for seven years. Gilles claims that she and Mel had a special bond, different from the one Mel had with her husband.

Mel B had a special relationship with Gilles

Lorraine met Mel and Belafonte in a bar in Hollywood back in 2009.

The couple was curious about her due to her accent. Later, they invited her to their home, got her drunk and had group sex. Mel claimed that Belafonte hired Gilles for sexual services, but Gilles denies the claims. She says that they hired her to be their nanny and promised that their lawyers would help her get American visa and move to California from Germany.

However, Melanie “Mel B” Brown had a special relationship with Gilles but did her best to keep it in secret. Lorraine claims that Brown and her husband used to force her to have sex with them and that they often recorded it, without her consent. At one point she got pregnant, but Gilles claims that she was not pregnant with Brown’s husband.

The truth is that she got pregnant after a one-night stand with a stranger in a bar and that Brown gave her money for abortion. Brown showed full support in the matter, and she even paid for the hotel so that Gilles could rest after the procedure.

Gilles is seeking unspecified damages

During the time she spent living in their house, Gilles regularly had sex with Mel, and they became close.

Mel B decided to talk about some of the details when she filed for a divorce from Belafonte. After that, Gilles pressed charges claiming it was unnecessary to speak of the details of their private lives publicly. She included tens of revealing photos and emails in the lawsuit. One of the emails was the one where Mel says Gilles it is time for her to move on and live her life far away from them.

She wanted to have a peaceful life with her family, without Gilles.

Now, Gilles requests a trial in front of a jury. She also wants the couple to pay her damages for humiliation, emotional anxiety, as well as emotional and physical stress Mel caused with her extreme behavior. We will see how this plays out, but right now, things aren't looking good for Mel B.