The popular Joe Hill comic book series "Locke & Key" has been picked up by Hulu, who has ordered a pilot episode of the series. This is the second time that "Locke & Key" has been ordered for a pilot, with Fox getting a pilot back in 2010 but rejecting the possibility of an ongoing series at that point. However, with Hulu, the series might actually have a better chance of succeeding.

"Locke & Key"

For those who do not know, Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King and he has already seen one of his books reach the big screen with "Horns" getting made with Daniel Radcliffe in the starring role.

However, his comic book series "Locke & Key" has faced a more difficult battle to get made. After the television series at FOX went south, a movie was attempted in 2014 with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci producing it but that never materialized either.

Much like Neil Gaiman property "Sandman," the problem with adapting "Locke & Key" is not easy. The Joe Hill series is about the Locke family after they move into the Keyhouse and find doors that transport them into other worlds including into the minds of some characters. The people who live in the story should be perfect for a television show, with an alcoholic mother, a troubled son, and a rebellious daughter, as well as a young child who might hold the key to everything.

The Hulu television series

The best thing about making "Locke & Key" now is that the world of television is changing a great deal. While there are still solid efforts on regular television, cable networks such as Starz has released shows like "Ash vs. Evil Dead" and the upcoming Neil Gaiman series "American Gods." Netflix has brought many interesting shows to life including Marvel Comics series that might not have made it as movies.

Hulu itself brought the Stephen King novel "11/22/63" to life as well as the upcoming comic series "Runaways" by Marvel Comics. Now, they are working on bringing the Joe Hill series to life as well.

According to the reports, "Locke & Key" will have Carlton Cuse ("LOST" and "The Strain") as the showrunner and executive producer.

They also brought in Scott Derrickson, who last directed Marvel Comic's "Doctor Strange" movie, to helm the pilot episode of the series. The word is that, if Hulu picks up "Locke & Key" for series, Derrickson might return to direct even more episodes. There is also a nice plan already set up as Joe Hill says that the six graphic novels are almost like seasons of a television series already.