Brynn Rumfallo's mom, Ashlee Rumfallo, revealed that she and her daughter quit "Dance Moms" because they felt that the performance of the former Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) Elite Competition Team was too vulgar and they did not want to support the show if they allow airing that. Chloe Lukasiak's mom, Christi Lukasiak, did not let this slip and took to social media to share what she thinks after Brynn was spotted performing despite confirming that they have quit the show.

It seems like the fights in "Dance Moms" is getting more intense and personal after Kalani Hilliker, Nia Frazier, Kendall Vertes, and Camryn Bridges left the ALDC studio to join Chloe Lukasiak in 8 Count Dance Academy.

Ashlee and Brynn Rumfallo remained loyal to Abby Lee Miller and stayed with her despite the 13-year-old dancer being the only member left of the ALDC Elite Competition Team.

Trouble brewing among dance moms

During last week's competition, the new dream team performed a provocative number that Brynn Rumfallo's mom did not approve of. Ashlee Rumfallo revealed the real reason for their exit from "Dance Moms" in an interview with TMZ.

"I have decided to leave Dance Moms because there were some events that took place over the last week which included portraying young girls in a manner that I would never want my daughter portrayed in," Ashlee told the site. "Realizing that without Abby [Miller] over the show, that was kind of the direction of the show was heading and I just do not see my 13-year-old daughter being a part of it."

Christi aims hashtag to Ashlee?

Despite Ashlee's confirmation of leaving "Dance Moms," her daughter, Brynn Rumfallo, still performed with the other ALDC members and Christi Lukasiak made sure to let everyone know what she thinks about it.

Chloe Lukasiak's mom posted a cryptic message on Twitter, and although she did not mention any names, it's quite clear that she aimed it at Ashlee Rumfallo.

"When you go on news outlets talking about how you can't be part of a show because of your "morals, " but you film the very next day. #hypocrite" Christi wrote.