"Blue Bloods" is undeniably one of the most-watched shows out there. However, the concept of the hit procedural and legal drama television series is quite tight and limited, making the storylines to be boring and redundant to some viewers. So will the show shift to something exciting and bring back the romance of two important characters in the season 7 finale?

Spoilers and speculations to follow

With "Blue Bloods" season 7 coming to a close, Cartermatt suggested a couple of ideas as to how the finale should go. The site shared that Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) should tackle a large murder case that needed him to take the stand.

The oldest son of Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) will be finding information about the case and will possibly discover shocking evidence along the way.

The site then would want to see Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) as a local celebrity in the finale and several TV networks will also show interest on the Assistant District Attorney to make her a legal correspondent. This could switch Fran Reagan's only daughter's attention and may take the bait if the opportunity was too bright and tempting.

CBS show's finale to bring more hype

As for Frank Reagan, the site believes that putting him in a bit of danger in the finale will remind the audience how truly skilled he is. While many have thought that the protagonist of the CBS TV series is ready for a retirement, the episode will show that he still has a lot of gas in his tank.

Although those three other suggestions were ideal, the most interesting idea for the "Blue Bloods" season 7 finale has got to be the romance of Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Edit "Eddie" Janko (Vanessa Ray)! The solid, serious show needs little squeal-worthy moments and linking the two partners will certainly be a perfect ending for the season.

The CBS show has already tested the waters when it comes to Jamie and Eddie's romance. Although their team-up was well-received, the show quickly shut off their feelings, making their shippers thirsty for more. Will they finally give it another try in the finale?