"Avengers 4," or whatever it's called by then, will apparently mark a definite transition into something different. It may be about time, too, as they've been at this since 2008. Eight years later and they're nearly approaching the big moment it's all been building up to. The infinity stones have almost all been found, and Thanos is almost shivering with anticipation over assembling them all on his gauntlet and ruling the galaxy, or possibly the multiverse.

It was back in the first "Avengers" that we finally had our first indication of where it was all headed, as the Tesseract and Loki's mind stone both played a role in the story for the first time.

The latter of which ended up being central to the story of "Avengers: Age of Ultron," giving life to both Ultron and Vision. One thing is for certain at this point: For Thanos to succeed, Vision will have to die.

Kevin Feige says that after the fourth 'Avengers' things will be very different

It's been like this from the start, to be honest. With "Avengers," Tony Stark had to learn to play well with others, and they all had to overcome their differences and work together to stop Loki. It involved a massive battle in which Iron Man had to potentially sacrifice himself to save New York from a nuclear disaster.

Since then, SHIELD had discovered that Hydra was deeply infiltrated within their system to the point that no one could be trusted, and by "Avengers: Age of Ultron," Nick Fury had needed to fake his own death.

With the creation of Ultron and the ensuing chaos, Tony was forced to re-think his ways in the midst of a life-altering reveal.

The upcoming "Infinity War" will have the Avengers finally beginning to take on Thanos and attempt to stop him from collecting the stones he needs to achieve ultimate power. With the Avengers mostly divided now, it could be a bigger challenge than all of them are prepared for.

Every cycle has been changing things, and it's been good for the franchise

Unlike other franchises, which appear to do the same things over and over and get stale after a while, the MCU seems ready to reinvent itself every few movies. With the upcoming showdown with Thanos, which has been coming for five years now, something dramatic will need to happen just to keep the audience coming back for more.

If Marvel gets the rights back for the Fantastic Four, we could see the introduction of the Kree as the "Guardians of the Galaxy" storyline finally comes full circle (Mantis' backstory involves them heavily) and joins with the rest of it. A lot has yet to be decided, but Feige knows that things will need to change to keep the audience returning.

In the words of Tony Stark from the first "Iron Man," it's worked pretty well so far.