The British actor Patrick Stewart, who became famous worldwide in the role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the TV series "Star Trek: The Next Generation," said he wanted to have American citizenship to fight against president Donald Trump, according to The Telegraph. The actor wants US citizenship in order to join the resistance against the president.

Patrick Stewart will apply for US citizenship

When invited to the show "The View" the actor said that he has decided to apply for American citizenship after the recent elections in the US, so he would be able to join the resistance against the president.

The actor said that although he is not a US citizen, applying for citizenship might be the only good thing that happened to him after the elections. He said all his friends in Washington tell him that the only thing he can do is to fight and resist.

Twitter post about Donald Trump

He made the comments after being asked what he meant in a post on Twitter, referring to the new leader in the White House. The actor also said in a Twitter post that he had the worst sleep of his life because he slept less than 300 yards from where Donald Trump was sleeping. Stewart also, on the same show, noted that his comment was "quite innocent," and he did not intend to insult the president. Whoopi Goldberg intervened and said that Trump was not her president.

When the presenter Joy Behar asked Patrick Stewart if Britain would be willing to rid America of Trump, he answered that they have their own problems.

Successful career

Patrick Stewart is perhaps most known for taking up the mantle of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the TV series "Star Trek - The Next Generation." The actor also starred in movies from the franchise "X-Men" with Ian McKellen.

The British star has received three Golden Globe nominations for his performances in the television productions "Moby Dick," "The Lion in Winter," and "Blunt Talk."

In 2010, the British actor was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain for outstanding service in the performing arts.