Near the end of the "Gold Rush" season on Discovery we finally witness the comeback of Todd, his dad, Freddy Dodge and the Hoffman crew. They're finally settled in a situation to start gold mining with 2 or 3 working mines next season which could set them on a path to profit. The team could hopefully start sluicing on day one next season which would put them on the money from the start and put the past behind them.

Unfortunate series of events leads to meltdown

Gold mining is stressful and we've witnessed just how frustrated all the teams have been during their gold mining experiences.

Last week on the finale episode, in particular, Todd had a dark moment in his company's history when a crew fight was caught on camera and the men completely disregarded any attempts to settle the matter with thoughtful dialogue, instead opting for the violent resolution that we witnessed. "I'm gonna kill him right now," someone shouted during a fight between Dave Turin and Trey. Someone next asks if it's his "Best shot," and Turin, a seasoned miner and often Todd's right hand man and partner, ended up with a black eye from the fight.

Dave makes a drastic decision after the fight

Dave Turin quits after a fight with Trey. He apologizes to his friends and says he made a mistake. Dave said he failed this year and because of that he decides to resign on the spot.

Dave asks for no sympathy but Todd says Turin isn't done yet. Freddy has his say about the matter and declares that the situation can never happen again, he holds no grudges over the matter and both men, in his eyes, are forgiven. The men hug and make amends. Todd says they have a lot of gold to get in a short amount of time and Dave vows to finish what he started.

Partners put differences aside to reach their goal

Trey quits over the matter and meets with Todd for his last "Gold Rush" pay check. Todd decides to ask Trey to come back and put differences aside to finish the season and put gold in everyone's pockets. Soon after, Dave apologizes to Trey and they move on from the fight. Trey says he was also wrong and they shake hands and movie on to get business done. This was a black mark on the season and adds an asterisk to the show, but cooler heads prevailed and hopefully we witness less of this childish behavior from grown men on the show in the future.