Maddie Ziegler has definitely proven herself to be a triple threat, which makes her one of the most sought after teens in Hollywood right now. Despite her current success, the "Ballerina" star will always be remembered as that cute little dancer from "Dance Moms" and a member of the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) Junior Elite Competition Team. But is she now embarrassed to be known as a part of ALDC?

Playing a highly-popular "Never Have I Ever" game, Maddie Ziegler revealed some interesting facts about herself.

When asked if she ever had an embarrassing username, the 14-year-old dancer, actress and model gave a quick nod and said, "for sure!"

Maddie Ziegler wants nothing to do with ALDC anymore?

The "Ballerina" star then elaborated that one of her usernames before was "Madison Ziegler 1313" but noted that it wasn't that embarrassing compared to her other username which was "ALDC Dancer Maddie." It was clearly cringe-worthy for the star and she firmly said that she will never do that now.

While her being so embarrassed with the "ALDC Dancer Maddie" username may be intriguing, the young star was just probably thinking that her choices were too over the top and would rather have a simple one now.

As proof, the teen's Instagram username is just simply "Maddie Ziegler."

Maddie Ziegler moves on from being an ALDC Junior Elite Competition Team member

Maddie Ziegler captured a lot of hearts when she gave outstanding performances on "Dance Moms." Although she was just 8-years-old when viewers first laid eyes on her on the hit Lifetime show, her amazing dance technique can definitely give professional dancers a good run for their money.

The former "Dance Moms" star has won competition after competition, making her Abby Lee Miller's number one go-to dancer. However, the obvious favoritism and unfair treatment led some of the fans to aim their frustrations at Maddie and root for the underdog, Chloe Lukasiak, instead. The Maddie-Chloe rivalry was then born which many believe was started by their very own dance teacher.