The first two trailers of the latest film adventure of Captain Jack Sparrow didn’t tell us a lot about what to expect. Not so the latest trailer of “Pirates of the Caribbean: dead men tell No Tales.” It looks like Captain Sparrow’s past is starting to catch up with him.

Captain Salazar has escaped from the Devil’s Triangle where Captain Sparrow consigned him and his crew a long time ago. The flashback scene shows a much younger, far less scruffy Jack as he did the Spanish skipper dirty. It looks like Captain Salazar is not going to be satisfied by a shrug of the shoulders and “pirate” as an explanation.

He is leading a crew of the undead with the goal of killing all of the pirates on the seven seas, including Captain Sparrow. There is nothing for it but for Jack to seek the Trident of Poseidon that will grant control over the seas and victory.

Will Turner is back as is Captain Barbossa. But where is Elizabeth Swann? And who is this new lady, Carina Smyth? No doubt an explanation will be forthcoming.

The trailer is filled with the usual chase scenes and quips that the franchise is famous for. No doubt there is a story behind Captain Jack winding up in jail without his pants. And what is up with the zombie sharks?

The trailer also suggests that this movie will be the “final adventure” of Captain Jack and his mates.

That is probably for the best. Johnny Depp is in his 50s and even though he is still spry in the costume and the 18th Century makeup, his running and jumping days are likely numbered. “Dead Men Tell No Tales” is the fifth film in the franchise, which places it in danger of showing its age.

On the other hand, the “Pirates” franchise is the sort in which “jumping the shark” is something that can be made to look good and not ridiculous if done right.

In any case, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tails” bows on May 26, 2017. So lift up the bottle of rum, get the cutlass sharpened, and lets enjoy Captain Jack’s last ride. Hopefully it will be a lot of fun.