"The best and scariest monsters in the world are human beings," American director Jordan Peele stated in an interview on his movie "Get Out" with Business Insider. "Get Out" is a social thriller which focuses on Chris, a young African-American man who notices strange things are happening when he meets his white girlfriend's family for the first time. The family's overwhelming efforts to comfort Chris turns out to be a horrifying attempt to condition his mind. The movie surprisingly earned a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

One critic described the movie as, "An exhilarating smart and freak out about a black man in a white nightmare."

Should there be more films?

Jordan Peele plans to create more Films on 'social monsters', which will be a series of movies much like "Get Out" that expose the everyday horrors we tend to face. A new movie genre was even created in the midst of all the hype: social thrillers. Peele discusses that he wants to give people new perspectives on horror films; he wishes to create movies that will terrify and make viewers reflect back on what they have watched. Many scary movie fanatics are used to the blood and guts of classic horror movies but few have paid close attention to psychological thrillers.

There hasn't been a release of titles or time schedules for his next films.

More critic reviews

Besides being scary, "Get Out" had a few moments that were comical. The language was very strong in the film, with words like "motherf----r" and the N-word to set the tone of the plot. Violence was not a huge element in the movie, but when it did happen, they were pretty flinch-worthy.

It offers a view on race that was well thought out. The movie is more provocative than it is frightening, which is alright because most viewers felt that it was well worth the money. Racial discomfort was exploited in the plot, with notable hints of irony hidden in the script. There was a certain brilliance when it came to the relations of different races. The film is obviously special, and it definitely came at the right time.