Emma Watson is definitely one of this generation's most sought-after actresses. Although the "Beauty and the Beast" star has maintained her success after the "Harry Potter" films ended, Emma made sure to keep her feet on the ground and has remained one of Hollywood's nicest stars ever.

While promoting her latest film, "Beauty and the Beast," the 26-year-old actress, model and activist couldn't contain herself and felt the need to politely interrupt her co-star, Dan Stevens (Beast), to help out the female reporter who was interviewing them. As it turned out, the female reporter didn't notice that she had ink on her chin and Emma Watson (Belle) just couldn't turn a blind eye.

Emma Watson still remains down to earth despite being young, rich & famous

While most stars would just pretend like nothing is wrong so they could finish the interview as quickly as possible, Emma Watson proved that she is a real-life Disney princess who has a heart of gold. The "Beauty and the Beast" star leaned over to the female reporter to wipe off the ink on her face to save her from embarrassment.

“You would do this for me and I would do this for you. You’ve got pen on your chin,” the actress said. “I know what it’s like to have something on your face." As if that's not enough good deed, Emma Watson then asked a makeup artist to get some concealer to cover up the smudge on the reporter's chin

Emma Watson still has a heart of gold despite success

Emma first stole everyone's hearts as the bright and brave Hermione Granger in the "Harry Potter" franchise.

After reprising her roles in all the HP films, the young actress was catapulted to stardom. But just because she is rich and popular, that does not mean that the actress will use it as her basis to feel higher than everyone else.

As a matter of fact, the former "Harry Potter" star uses her success to be the voice of women who feels that they don't deserve a chance in this world. Beautiful, kind, and smart, Emma Watson truly deserves to be a Disney princess.