"Days Of Our Lives" fans have been enjoying Steve and Kayla's rekindled romance. On Valentine's Day, the two even got remarried. However, trouble is brewing, at least for Kayla. According to the latest "DOOL" spoilers, Jade Michaels' father will try to harm the good doctor.

Jade's father on 'Days Of Our Lives'

For a long time, Jade Michaels has told stories about her mean father, Hal. Fans even got a taste of his cruel streak when Jade found out she was pregnant. At one point, he almost got violent with the teenager. However, Joey Johnson interrupted and gave Hal a piece of his mind.

Besides Joey and Jade, nobody else seems to understand just how dangerous Hal really is on "Days Of Our Lives."

Is Hal really sick?

Last week, Jade found out that her father, Hal Michaels, was hospitalized. She had to take a test to see if she could help save him. At first, she refused. After all, he has not been the type of father that he should have been. However, in the end, she agreed. On his deathbed, he seemed to sing a different tune and was actually nice to his daughter. So, is he actually sick or not? Since tests were done, it seems that he is. Also, he tried to leave the hospital, but Kayla forced him to stay.

What happens to Kayla?

In the latest issue of "Soap Opera Digest," sneak peek photos show Hal standing behind Kayla.

He is in his hospital gown and is holding her back close to his chest. He has what appears to be a syringe in his hand and is getting ready to insert it into her neck. What is he doing and why would he harm the doctor that is trying to save his life?

Steve to the rescue

"DOOL" spoilers reveal that even though Hal tries to hurt Kayla, she will survive.

Her husband, Steve "Patch" Johnson will come to her rescue. This shouldn't be a surprise to fans. Dozens of times over the years, Steve has saved Kayla from harm and even death.

What do you think of this storyline with Jade's father on "Days Of Our Lives?" Why would Hal Michaels try to hurt Kayla, who is doing her best to take care of him?