The Celebrity Apprentice is a popular American reality TV show on NBC hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Hollywood actor who has given memorable performances in blockbuster movies like Predator, Terminator, Total Recall, Commando etcetera and who was also Governor of California.

The show was earlier known as The Apprentice and its host was Donald Trump who is now the President of the United States.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to quit the show after hosting only one season because of the poor ratings it received and he attributes this to the interference of Donald Trump who is still the producer of the show.

Moreover, many of the sponsors were reluctant to continue their sponsorship.

What is the show like?

The Celebrity Apprentice is a sequel to the previous show The Apprentice which was produced and hosted by Donald Trump. The difference is that the host of the new version was Arnold Schwarzenegger and it involved only celebrities whose aim was to win money for a charity organization identified in advance. Some of the competitors would be celebrities of today, while others would be celebrities of yester years. And, they would hail from varied professions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stand

Arnold has always carried his audience along with him in his movies and, with him as the host, the Celebrity Apprentice, should have been a runaway hit.

It did have variety but, somehow, that did not happen and it failed to get the expected response.

The way Arnold interprets the situation is that with the continued involvement of Donald Trump in the show, people are not willing to take part in it either as spectator or as sponsor. In fact, they are not willing to extend support to the show in any way whatsoever.

Arnold has also alleged that Trump is still the executive producer and is receiving money from the show and has added that he does not want to return to it under any circumstances. A spokesperson of Trump has already clarified in 2016 that Trump does have a financial interest in the franchise.

The world of entertainment is an unpredictable one and, the audience will have to wait and see how the situation develops and whether Celebrity Apprentice will be scrapped or will reappear with a new host.