There have been many moments where "The Walking Dead" television show has strayed away from "The Walking Dead" comics. The biggest changes have come mostly because of the character of Daryl (Norman Reedus), the biggest character to never appear in the comics. That might have become obvious yet again when it comes to the current storyline with Eugene.

Daryl took Eugene's place in 'Walking Dead' TV show's storyline

One major difference between this season's premiere and the comics was that Abraham was who Negan killed at the start of the season. In the comics it was Glenn -- who died minutes later anyway -- but Abraham was already dead by this time.

Look back and remember that it was Daryl's fault that Glenn died and Negan took him captive and tried to win him over to join the Saviors. It didn't work. Daryl was in hell and escaped from Negan to get back to Rick and company to prepare for the Great War.

Eugene escaped in the comic books

In the comics, Abraham was dead by the time the group met Negan. He took the arrow that Denise took in the TV show. So, when "The Walking Dead" season premiere came along, it gave them a chance to knock out Abraham. However, in doing so, they used Daryl to ensure Glenn died too and took him captive.

In the comics, Eugene was who Negan kidnapped and made miserable instead of Daryl. That means that Daryl's escape was already played out in the comics through Eugene.

With Eugene now living with the Saviors, it seems like he won't carry on the same storyline as the comics.

Could this be a trap Eugene is setting?

Eugene is the polar opposite of Daryl in Negan's camp. Negan is treating Eugene like royalty and gave him a great room with good food and some fine companions. There is no reason in the world for Eugene to escape.

All he needs to do is make ammunition for Negan and the Saviors to possibly kill the only people that ever protected Eugene before.

That is where is gets a little interesting. Eugene is living the high life but there seems to be some reason to believe that he is not turning evil. Eugene could be there to betray Negan and he proved in the past that he is a master at getting people to believe him when he speaks. However, if he betrays Negan, there is also a good chance that "Walking Dead" fans will see Eugene meet a horrible end.