For the first time in seven years, the New York Times will air a commercial to be broadcast Sunday during the Academy Awards. The 166-year-old newspaper, which is far from failing, has won 119 Pulitzer Prize awards. The Times striking “The Truth Is…” ad is a simple black and white 30-second feature with words interchanging, centering around truths and headlines amid the president’s attacks on the media. However, constantly attacking the media has only garnered them more support by people who hunger for information and refused to be manipulated and distracted.

The Washington Post, also on Trump’s hit list, has seen a substantial increase in digital subscribers, like the Times, to the point where they had to hire 60 more journalists.

The White House Correspondence Dinner

Donald Trump announced that he will not be attending the upcoming White House Correspondence Dinner. This probably came as no surprise given his fractured relationship with journalists, some of whom had been banished from a recent press briefing. Then there is the fact that this usually star-studded occasion will lack star attendance since so many of them oppose Trump. Also, it’s not likely he would relish any type of ribbing at his expense or be able to successfully joke about his “enemies.”

Have we become a nation where the truth no longer matters?

It could be a genius move for the Times to place a television ad at this point in time.

Traditionally, The Oscars is the most watched non-sports event in the U.S. and is bound to get political via speeches made by celebrities. Since Trump’s election, the New York Times has added 276,000 digital subscribers and still counting. Calling them the enemy of the people, Trump has amped up bashing media outlets such as the Times, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Politico, as unflattering news surrounding him and his administration comes forth. “The Truth Is…” ad includes lines like: alternative facts are lies, our nation is more divided than ever. It ends with: The Truth is more important now than ever.