The DCEU is now its own universe. Its taking a different approach than the MCU and it's certainly put the Extended Universe on the map. Bringing together DC's big names like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, "Justice League" might be the much-needed movie for the DCEU. Confirmation came via Screen Rant, a Green Lantern will appear, but not a major one. According to CinemaBlend, it might be Abin Sur.

Why Abin Sur?

Green Lanterns are significant characters in the DC Comics. According to a Umberto Gonzalez, a DC Comics afficianado and writer for Heroic Hollywood, we won't see Green Lantern favorites like Hal Jordan, John Stewart, or Kilowog in "Justice League." So who's the next option?

Fans are pointing to Abin Sur, one of the crucial characters in the Lantern corps. His name may not sound familiar, but Abin Sur is the Lantern who gives Hal the power ring and inducts him into the Corps.

During a battle between Lanterns and enemy forces, Abin Sur is wounded and crash lands on earth, where the Power Ring chooses Hal Jordan as its new owner. It would make sense for his appearance in the the super-team up considering there's a catastrophe going down with Steppenwolf appearing. Plus, while "Justice League" introduces major characters, it'd only make sense for a "Green Lantern Corps" tie-in.

'Green Lantern Corps' film

Both Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart are the primary protagonists for the 2020 "Green Lantern Corps" film.

With that said, Abin Sur and the League would tie-in for Hal Jordan, John Stewart, or the entire corps to join the Justice League lineup either before or after the "Green Lantern Corps" film. Down the line this could lead to tying in the other lantern colors.

Although Abin Sur doesn't have a hard confirmation, it's likely that he'll appear in "Justice League" to introduce the likes of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, or the entire Lantern Corps. Catch Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash in "Justice League" along the unconfirmed Green Lantern in Theaters November 17.