Based on the play "In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue" by Tarell Alvin McCraney, "Moonlight" chronicles the story of main protagonist #Chiron and the choices he makes throughout this life. Cut into three distinct time frames in Chiron’s life, this film tackles the true realities of finding ones identity and the necessity to connect with others in a lonely world. Unlike a movie such like "Manchester by the Sea", this film uses its lack of dialogue to accomplish a completely different effect.

The story structure is phenomenal

Something which this film does incredibly well is give the audience a strong skeleton.

By skeleton I mean that film has its characters but unlike other movies, it does not manipulate the viewer into feeling a certain way. As an audience member, the film challenges you to bring forth your own experiences and analyze choices you have made along the way. Director, #Barry Jenkins also uses silences in a manner that adds depth to the scenes. While many directors tend to shy away from silences, he uses them propel the story forward. "Moonlight" is not a very wordy screenplay and revels in the fact that it in its purest form, this film is not a universal story. The use of color is also something that makes this film so incredible. Color is a device which many directors and cinematographers use but not to the same effect as Jenkins.

This film shifts between moments of employing soft hues to then using harsh color combinations to accentuate a characters inner most thoughts. It is obvious that Jenkins was influenced by directors such as Seijun Suzuki, who is known for his use of color and stylization.

The use of a technique, (which I had never seen before) also enhanced the entire viewing process of this film for me.

There were several moments in the film when the camera would hold on subject and even though they stopped the act of talking, the audio would continue. It was a subtle yet effective shift in the narrative style and focus of the character’s intent. For a film without much dialogue, it is really up to actors to portray the correct emotions at the correct times.

There is not one actor that could be signaled out as the weak link which is a phenomenon that never happens. Mahershala Ali in particular used his very limited screen time to leave a lasting mark on anyone who watched this movie.

The Oscars got it right

Due to the extreme microscope with which Oscar nominations were viewed this year, the nominations were announced without press involvement. In an effort to avoid the #Oscarssowhite controversy, six actors of color were nominated. It was a welcome change to the mundane and self-indulgent awards show which often claim to be inclusive. "Moonlight" received 8 nominations including best supporting actor for (Ali) and best director for Jenkins. With superb acting, fluid yet seductive cinematography and a subject matter that everyone can relate to, "Moonlight" is a film that will continue to be spoken about and studied for years to come.