"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" matriarch Mama June Shannon is debuting weight loss and a total makeover after gastric bypass in 2015 and later plastic surgery. "From Not to Hot" promises a surprise transformation which could explain some of Shannon's health problems last year. Did anorexic fasting after bariatric surgery cause her breakdown? Did the reality television mom starve herself under the direction of WE tv? Does gastric bypass surgery follow-up require crash dieting?

Mama June hospitalized for reality television-driven anorexia?

In Feb, 2016, the celebrity collapsed in her home in Georgia.

Her distraught 16-year-old daughter Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon had to drive Mama June to the hospital. The teen had to navigate the emergency room and do all the grownup work to get mom hospitalized. Talk about a crash course in adulting. But, the stress was caused by a very juvenile act: mother fainted after not eating. At the time of the anorexia episode, fans didn't know about the makeover June's hyping on "From Not to Hot." It isn't clear when she began filming with WE tv, but now folks are connecting the dots between the reality television weight loss reveal, eating disorder and fainting.

Mama June's gastric bypass surgery team fails?

Did someone in the bariatric surgery department forget to teach Shannon correct post-operative follow-up care?

If no one told Shannon how to eat, then TLC's Dr. Nowzaradan of "My 600-lb Life" would say someone failed. The bariatric surgeon teaches that gastric bypass surgery can only do so much and that changed eating habits are the key to weight loss. His team works hard to help patients quit the junk food addiction and overeating.

They have to change their eating habits, not stop eating. An eating disorder is as dangerous as obesity.

Mama June demonstrates weight loss pitfalls

Patients do have to avoid some foods after surgery, and you'd be surprised which ones."My 600-lb Life" patients fail to lose weight if they eat too many vegetables. Veggies are healthy but post-surgery patients need lots of protein -- 60 grams a day -- to recover and to lose weight.

Mama June fainted when her blood sugar dropped due to lack of protein or good carbs. Anorexia behavior is common after big weight loss as folks are afraid to eat lest they gain weight. But unlike the Kardashian sisters, Shannon seems to have found the balance between controlling eating and an eating disorder. She lost enough weight but was also strong enough for skin removal -- a form of plastic surgery, like a tummy tuck, which trims loose skin after weight loss. She was healthy enough to undergo a breast implant procedure too.