America, at least that part that cared about such things, braced itself for the political content, especially of the anti-Trump kind, in the acceptance speeches at the Grammys. However, joy villa, a singer and songwriter of some moderate fame, stole everyone’s thunder by appearing on the red carpet in a blue and white designer dress that read on the front “make america great Again” and on the back “Trump.” Consternation and outrage ensued in a music industry where people who will admit to supporting the president could be counted on one hand with fingers to spare.

Twitter, naturally, melted down. Some applauded Villa’s courage. Some called for her death. The sales of Villa’s digital music and ebooks have spiked on iTunes and on Amazon, and she had gained tens of thousands of followers on social media. So, as a piece of performance art, the pro-Trump dress, designed by an immigrant as many media outlets were quick to point out, was a complete success. She will likely never win a Grammy, and she may have to hire a security detail to follow her around in public for now on, but she will not lack for fame or fortune for now on.

Now, President Trump and his political advisors have a decision to make. On the one hand, having Villa over to the White House would seem to be a no-brainer.

Trump can tank the stock of any company with whom he is displeased. He does not have to endorse Villa’s art (which would be crossing the ethical line, as Kellyanne Conway found out) to send her sales into the stratosphere. Just a photo op and a few words about her courage would be sufficient to reward her and send a message to other performance artists that such support will be met with his aid in turn.

On the other hand. Joy Villa is a Scientologist who recently claimed to have been “cleared, ” and all that implies. Scientology is a made up “religion” that seems to have attracted a number of celebrities such as Tom Cruise that has a seamier side. The media and Trump’s enemies (but we repeat ourselves) will go wild. But Trump never did shy away from controversy so that he may go for it anyway.