Despite Abby Lee Miller's shocking legal battles, "Dance Moms" has been officially picked up for another season. Now that former Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) Junior Elite Competition Team member, chloe lukasiak, is back on the hit Lifetime show, does this mean that the fan-favorite will also return as an official ALDC member?

Spoilers to follow

The spoiler clip started with Abby Lee Miller waving at the fans, possibly at the location of the competition. The 50-year-old dance instructor, choreographer, and director's appearance confirmed that she has not faced jail time yet and may still be the main teacher of the ALDC team.

Speaking of the ALDC team, the clip then jumps to the group awards, where the Junior Elite Competition Team nabs first place. Despite all the screaming matches and threats of the moms to leave the studio, Kalani Hiliker, Kendall Vertes, Nia Sioux Frazier, Brynn Rumfallo and Camryn Bridges stand up and take the award, proving that they are still very much part of the team.

ALDC team members' status confirmed in 'Dance Moms' season 7.5 spoilers

Shockingly, even Abby Lee Miller's least favorite student, Maesi Caes, was part of the group dance, confirming that she wasn't booted out from the team yet. However, the 11-year-old dancer was clearly wearing a different jacket from the rest of the girls, hinting that she may still not officially be a part of the team.

The one dancer that everyone thought would be back in ALDC though was Chloe Lukasiak. The 15-year-old "Center Stage: On Pointe" star left the Lifetime show back in season 4, but has recently showed interest in competing again, which made her reconsider going back to "Dance Moms."

Is Chloe Lukasiak joining Abby Lee Miller's Junior Elite Competition Team in 'Dance Moms' season 7.5?

The spoiler clip also features Chloe Lukasiak rehearsing a possible solo with an instructor, or partner in a duet.

But judging by the look of the studio, it seems that the teen is not in the ALDC studio, which may mean that she is not back on the team. There is a big chance that Chloe Lukasiak will compete in "Dance Moms" season 7.5 but she will be under her current studio, Studio 19. After being treated unfairly by Abby Lee Miller for years, it makes a lot of sense that the teen may now be steering clear of all the drama.