Angelina Jolie recently traveled to Cambodia with her children to premiere her new film First They Killed My Father. While she was there, Jolie took the opportunity to sit down with the BBC for an exclusive interview, in which she opened up about her difficult divorce from Brad Pitt for the first time.

How the divorce has affected Angelina and her kids

Jolie filed for divorce in September 2016, citing irreconcilable differences. Since then, rumors have swirled around the former couple, who started dating in 2004, and then married in 2014. It's been five months since the mother of six made the decision to leave her husband, and now she is finally revealing details into the transition for her and her kids (Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8).

"It was very difficult," Jolie told the BBC. "Many people find themselves in this situation. My whole family have all been through a difficult time. My focus is my children, our children. We are and forever will be a family and so that is how I am coping. I am coping with finding a way through to make sure that this somehow makes us stronger and closer."

Although Angelina is still working, her primary focus is on her children and their happiness, and making sure they grow into respectful young men and women.

“Everything I do I hope is that I represent something, and I represent the right things to my children, and give them the right sense of what they’re capable of, and the world as it should be seen,” Jolie said. “Not through the prism of Hollywood or through a certain kind of life, but really take them into the world, where they have a really good sense and become rounded people.”

First They Killed My Father

Angelina Jolie premiered her new film at the Terrace of the Elephant in the ancient Angkor Wat temple complex, where a portion of the 2001 film Tomb Raider was filmed.

According to IMDb, First They Killed My Father is about "Cambodian author and human rights activist Loung Ung recounting the horrors she suffered under the rule of the deadly Khmer Rouge" in the 1970's. During Rouge's regime, more than two million people died, including Ung’s father, mother and two sisters.

“I read Loung’s book many years ago,” Jolie said.

"It helped to open my eyes to what was going on the world.”

She continued: "The heart of it is Loung’s story, it’s the story of a war through the eyes of a child, but it is also the story of a country."

The film will be available on Netflix later this year.