Timeless” fans are already aware that the time traveling series has a big connection to CW’s longest running series “Supernatural,” in that they share creative direction from Eric Kripke. Kripke was the showrunner for “Supernatural” until 2014 and is now the showrunner making time travel magic on “Timeless.” The executive producer has added a pair of “Supernatural” alumni to his new show.

Misha Collins as Elliot Ness

Misha Collins, who stars as angel Castiel on the CW’s drama, will join “Timeless” for episode 15 as Elliot Ness. You might know Elliot Ness better as the leader of the Untouchables, the law enforcement official who makes it his mission to take down notorious gangster Al Capone.

Capone will be played by “Tryant” star Cameron Gharaee. According to TV Line, the team will cross paths with Ness when they travel to 1931, as Flynn attempts to align himself with Capone and they seek out Ness to stop him. “Public Enemy No. 1” will air on February 13.

Funnily enough, “Supernatural” fans might find another connection in Elliot Ness, as a previous episode of the CW’s series actually featured the character as part of a more magical time travel plot.

That time, he was played by “X-Files” alum Nicholas Lea, as Dean encountered him in the past.

That’s not the only ‘Supernatural’ connection

It was previously reported that “Supernatural” fan favorite Jim Beaver would also be coming to “Timeless.” He’ll actually make his debut one episode earlier than Collins as an NSA agent.

Beaver will appear in the final three episodes of the season, but don’t expect him to cross paths with Collins.

As Collins is playing a character in one of the jumps through history, Beaver is playing someone in the present day. Beaver also might not exactly be a friendly face when he debuts, as he’ll butt heads with those working at Mason Industries.

In addition to “Timeless” and “Supernatural,” Beaver also appeared in Kripke’s series “Revolution.”

“Timeless” returns from its winter hiatus with all-new episodes tonight at 10PM on NBC.