Friday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Eric told his wife that she makes him very happy. Quinn was definitely happy to hear that because she feels exactly the same way about him. "But don't you think it's time for you to go back to work?" she asked the Forrester patriarch. To her surprise, Eric replied that he is not sure that he wants to. He expressed his pleasure with being away from all of the pressure and drama, and promised her that they'll talk about it soon.

Wyatt walked in and admitted that he couldn't stop thinking about Steffy. However, he shared with the couple that seeing them together makes him smile.

Eric showed concern for his wife, who was worried about Wyatt, who was obviously still hurting. "I want to do something for my son," she said in Eric's arms. When Wyatt returned from the kitchen, Eric decided to leave Quinn and Wyatt alone for a while. The mother-son duo went on to speculate who will be CEO of Forrester Creations. Quinn guessed that it would be Steffy. She also encouraged him not to give up on their marriage.

Bill goes to see Liam

As Steffy was getting ready to leave Liam's house, Bill barged in and told them that Brooke is going back to Ridge. Steffy didn't seem to be surprised. Bill didn't doubt Brooke's love for him, but figured that she doesn't love him as much as Ridge/the family, "and doing what's best for the children." Bill ordered scotch from Liam.

Liam offered advice to his father: "Don't give up," making reference to the perseverance he had to get Steffy back. Bill agreed. "Forrester got in her head. I underestimated him, and he's underestimating me, if he thinks I'm gonna go away." he said.

Bill then asked Liam about his relationship with Steffy. Liam reported that their relationship is fantastic, and that they are closer than ever, but he felt bad that Wyatt is the "sacrificial lamb" in the whole situation.

He was confident that nothing will stop him and Steffy this time.

Wyatt is offered the CEO position

While talking to Eric, Wyatt questioned him about his plan to not return to Forrester as CEO. Suddenly, Eric offered him the position. "I feel for you, Wyatt, to lose the woman you love. And if death doesn't take her, there's still a chance--don't give up on Steffy," he added.

Ridge and Brooke's family reunited

Ridge was delighted to have his Logan back. The two continued to kiss. Ridge talked about his conversation with RJ, and that's how he ended up meeting her on the Bridge. They called it "destiny." When they went inside the office, Brooke said, "I feel like I'm caught in a whirlwind," RJ interrupted to find his parents back together, and the happy teenager embraced his mother, and told her that she made the right choice.

Quinn seeks new blood for Forrester

Steffy arrived at the Forrester mansion to see her grandfather, but met Quinn in the living room. Quinn thanked her again for having everyone come together for Thanksgiving, but Steffy quickly repeated that she was doing it for her grandfather.

"My feelings for you haven't changed," she informed her. As Steffy turned to leave, Quinn stopped her. She told Steffy that Eric has been thinking about not returning to Forrester as CEO, and that she wants her to replace him, since she fits all of the criteria. "If Eric decides to not being CEO, then Forrester's gonna need a makeover; new blood at the top -- and that's you."

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS.

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