When season seven of “The Walking Dead” premiered on Sunday night, fans were already primed from their sixth month wait to see just what Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) would do. It looks like many of those fans took to Twitter to express their opinions as the show broke a social media site record.

The most tweeted about show

After 10 months of quality television in 2016, “The Walking Dead’ has become the most tweeted about show this year. This doesn’t take into account special events like award ceremonies or sporting events, but when it comes to serialized TV, “The Walking Dead” takes the cake.

Around the world, more than 4.6 million tweets were recorded about the show. If that number seems impossibly high, it’s worth noting that in the United States alone, the series began trending on the social media site more than eight hours before airing as fans used #TheWalkingDead and #TWD to get in last minute predictions and see a custom baseball bat emoji in their tweets.

The most talked about moment

There was, of course, one moment in the episode that saw the biggest flurry of tweet activity. Discussion of the show peaked at about the halfway mark in the episode as a result of one scene.

No spoilers here in case you haven’t had a chance to watch the episode yet and you’ve somehow managed to avoid them, but the second major death of the episode accounted for the most activity.

Fans expressed outrage over losing the character in question, their sadness at seeing them go, and even sweared off the show in general.

'The Walking Dead' continues its 2015 lead

Some fans might remember that the series was also the most talked about series on social media last television season as well. The series averaged 435,000 tweets per episode during its 2015-2016 season.

The twitter chatter will likely only continue as rumor has it at least two more of the huge 21 person main cast will be out before the show reaches its midseason finale.

You can join the conversation when you catch all new episodes of “The Walking Dead” Sundays at 9PM on AMC.