Geek may be the new sexy if you're into that. But then there are nerds who hide their sex appeal. Take Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz from "Big Bang Theory"-- she's so cute she should come with a warning. But few would call her glamorous.Melissa Rauch is another story, however. Rauch flaunted major hotness after weight lossand plastic surgery.

'Big Bang Theory' Bernadette not Melissa Rauch

What's not to love about Dr. Rostenkowski-Wolowitz? The name alone is tons of fun, not to mention her nerdy, elfin persona and screech owl Snow White voice.

But there's a sexy side to Melissa Rauch under cuteness. While never obese by any means, Rauch looks chubbier in the doll-like costumes she wears on "Big Bang Theory." But in real life, the actress is something of a style maven. After shedding a few pounds and getting a boob job"The Bronze" star is svelte.

Melissa Rauch breast reduction vs. breast implants

For a lot of celebrities, getting a boob job means breast augmentation but a few take it the other way. Their breasts are so large that they are uncomfortable. This was Melissa Rauch's problem. She chose to undergo breast reduction plastic surgery. This kind of procedure is still elective surgery but it's more corrective than cosmetic. Ariel Winter shocked fans when at 17, she opted for controversial surgery to reduce her extra-large breasts.

The "Modern Family" star said she got a lot of unwanted attention--even from adult men old enough to be her grandfather! As an adult that would be creepy enough but for a kid it was traumatizing.

Melissa Rauch makes everyone woozy

Melissa eats a crazy healthy diet and keeps in shape. That, along with corrective surgery on breasts accounts for slenderizing.

Folks were already well-aware of her curvaceous body but she was always seen demurely covered on "Big Bang Theory." But a photo shoot on Maxim left no doubts that "The Bronze" star is hot! Seeing the prim doctor Rostenkowski-Wolowitz displayed in a little black BDSM inspired dress rose many pulses. Rauch is not the only female BBT cast member to sport major sexy--Kaley Cuoco (Penny) ramped up her already trim body with Bikrum yoga (that's hot) and the cast's "big girl" Mayim Bialik (Sheldon's girlfriend) is showing off thinner and sexier.