JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers have generated a lot of buzz since the finale of their “Bachelorette” season and the buzz has continued over the past few months since they have been able to go public as a couple. JoJo and Jordan certainly appear via their social media posts to be a happily-engaged couple, but they continue to be dogged by rumors that they are faking their relationship. What's the latest from Fletcher and Rodgers?

Jordan and JoJo are on the move this weekend

As “Bachelorette” fans know, Jordan Rodgers recently started a broadcasting gig with the SEC network, so he is traveling a good part of every week during the football season.

Usually, JoJo Fletcher stays back at their home in Dallas, Texas, but this week she decided to join her fiance for his trip. The "Bachelorette" stars tweeted about watching an emotional movie together on the airplane and then she shared a video on Snapchat of them together in their hotel room tackling some room service.

Rodgers shared a photo via Instagram showing him on the ESPN “SportsCenter” set with Hannah Storm talking about the upcoming games and he joked about how it was “Just your average morning” and something he could now cross off of his bucket list.

Throughout this past "Bachelorette" season, there were rumors swirling that he was more interested in landing a broadcasting gig and building his personal brand than in falling in love with Fletcher. He now maintains that he's managed to find his dream job and his dream girl, but some of the show's fans remain a bit skeptical of him.

Are the 'Bachelorette' stars truly doing well together?

Despite heading out to Connecticut together for this quick trip, JoJo and Jordan continue to face rumors that their relationship is just for show at this point. The two have been vague about plans for the future and theycertainly do not appear to have started anything serious regarding wedding plans.

Of course, the "Bachelorette" stars haveonly been engaged for about five months, and there are other franchise couples who have been engaged for longer periods of time without pinning down wedding plans themselves. At this point, Fletcher and Rodgers tend to give the generic franchise answer about how they're enjoying being engaged and embracing the opportunity to be a regular couple in publicand will tackle wedding plans soon.

Is this trip where JoJo Fletcher is joining Jordan Rodgers a sign that things truly are going well for this “Bachelorette” couple or are they just putting on a show to extend their 15 minutes of fame for a bit longer? Many fans are rooting for JoJo and Jordan and would love to see them succeed and prove all of their doubters and critics wrong, but for now, everybody will just have to wait and see what comes next.