"Once Upon A Time" premieres in just two days and there is finally a sneak peek clip for the season 6 premiere. Titled "The Savior," get a glimpse into what is going to happen on the ABC television show.

Hook and Emma make out

In the promo clip for "Once Upon A Time," Hook and Emma start getting frisky. The couple,known as "Captain Swan" makes it all the way to the couch when something stops them. Yes, they will once again get interrupted.

Something shakes Storybrooke in 'Once Upon A Time'

What stops Hook and Emma is everything in the house begins shaking.

Atfirst, they stand up and appear confused. Then, they realize that the source of the shaking is coming from outside. However, it isn't an earthquake. When the couple runs out the front door to investigate, they see what is causing all the commotion.

A mysterious airship hovers over town

Looking up in the sky, Hook and Emma see a strange airship. This contraption is probably holding the characters from the Land Of Untold Stories. Mr. Hyde is going to "dump" all of them in Storybrooke. Besides the Evil Queen, the Storybrook residents will try to deal with the new additions in "Once Upon A Time" season 6.

Other details about season 6, episode 1

The synopsis for the season 6 premiere states that Emma will try to stop Mr.

Hyde. However, she ends up getting an odd side effect. While Storybrooke becomes a haven for the characters from the Land Of Untold Stories, Regina and Zelena consider moving in together. Belle will still be under the sleeping curse and stuck inside the box. Rumple will try to wake her up. Also, Aladdin will have a flashback about Jafar.

A secret about being a Savior will be revealed, which will affect Emma.

'OUAT' script teases

Executive producer Adam Horowitz gave fans some script teases for season 6 on Twitter. One reveals that Emma will accept Mr. Hyde's offer. What that is was not revealed, though. Also, expect Snow and Charming to miss getting caught in a net.

What do you think is going to happen in "Once Upon A Time?" The television show premieres September 25 on ABC network.